Charge faster and smarter with Hypervolt


from £750

Unparalleled, future proof technology. Green should look great, be affordable, and not cost the Earth. Charge faster, smarter and in style with the most advanced charger on the market. No additional hardware required.

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“Engineer was efficient and knowledgeable. Good quality workmanship with minimal mess and inconvenience. Would recommend.”

All our charge point Solutions are compatible with all electrical vehicles

Free Automated Software Updates

Hypervolt chargers use your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to offer a seamless connected experience at no extra cost

No Earthing Rod Required

With built in state-of-the-art pen protection, Hypervolt chargers do not require an Earth Rod to be installed. Faster, cheaper, and much safer!

Integration With Your Smart Home

Control your charger using your voice, using Amazon Alexa! Check status, control brightness, schedule charging, control cost, and more!

Connecting Through Wi-Fi/Ethernet

Hypervolt chargers use your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to offer a seamless connected experience at no extra cost

Integrated Cost Control

Take maximum advantage of the cheapest energy tariffs, through advanced cost reports, scheduled charging, and more!

Automated Load Management

Never have to worry about tripped fuses or using all your appliances. Hypervolt chargers automatically adjust to household load.

Charging Driven By Energy Tariffs

Take advantage of the cheapest night rates, and take advantage of your smart meter! Just plug in your car and let your charger work for you!

*subject to the appropriate tariff with your supplier offering a lower rate during overnight off-peak hours.

Optimal For Solar Charging

Charge your car directly from the sun! Hypervolt is compatible with all solar panel installations, enabling you to charge for free, forever!

Luxury without the premium

Hypervolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully-designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs.

All that power in such a small space

“The two engineers that attended the site were informative, professional and efficient.”

Keep track off everything Using the cloud

– Scheduled charging
– Device lock/unlock
– Real-time energy metrics
– Extensive charging analytics
– View load management events
– LED Brightness Control
– Control solar charging