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It’s thinking inside the box. Ohme finds the best charging times and prices for you, making your electric vehicle ultra sustainable. You can even get #paidtocharge.

Simple, intelligent, genius.

5M tethered charger & 4G connectivity

“Efficient service and the installation was carried out quickly with no issues by the electrician who was friendly and knowledgeable.”

All our charge point Solutions are compatible with all electrical vehicles

Wall mounting

The Ohme Home Pro is designed to be wall-mounted on a flat surface. Fixings are included which are suitable for most wall surfaces. The charger comes complete with a cable holder and chargin gun holster.

electrical connection

The Ohme Home Pro is supplied with a one metre fixed input cable/flying lead requiring termination on site to a suitable junction box, isolation switch or mini-CU. The flying lead is 15.2mm diameter, suitable for a No. 6 cable cleat.

Earthing Arrangement

The Ohme Home Pro has an in-built PEN fault detection function, to disconnect the vehicle from the live, neutral and earth conductors if the voltage is above or below the prescribed levels.

Load Balancing

The Ohme Home Pro has a dynamic load balancing feature. A current sensor clamp is provided to measure the electrical demand on the property, sub-board. The unit will limit the maximum current available to the vehicle to keep the household demand below the set threshold/fuse value.

Best Selling, British Made Solar EV Charger

Super easy to use, eco-smart EV charger
“The installers were excellent, turned up on time, phoned ahead to let me know when they were 15 mins away and completed the job very efficiently. Fully explained to me afterwards how the WiFi part of the charger worked, impressive service”

The ohme App!

Downloading the Ohme app is an important part of setting up your charger. Go to the App Store / Play Store and search Ohme for more details.